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To help you get to know Fizzy a little bit better, here are our answers to some FAQ's.

who is "Fizzy"?
Made up of a team of 3, Fizzy Photography provides professional contemporary wedding, portrait, and event photography in the beautiful Bay Area, California.

Fred and Yvonne are a happily married couple that love the outdoors, traveling, and trying new restaurants. Yvonne and Sarah are sisters that, despite being quite different and having a substantial age gap (you probably couldn't guess how many years), are as close as ever and still relish in their daily friendly banters. Fred and Sarah are now brother- and sister-in-law and spend their waking hours teasing Yvonne all the while enjoying a good strong cup of joe.

When we're not catching up on the plethora of Gordon Ramsay shows, incessantly and indulgently snacking on our favorite munchies, or just spending quality time with our friends and family, we spend our time focusing on our greatest mutual passion: photography. We love being there to help capture and deliver those moments that you want preserved forever, like your first kiss as husband and wife or your first family portrait as your own family grows larger and larger (as is our very own! :D). We love meeting new people and sharing our passion with people, but most importantly we strive for a level of work and professionalism that meets our high levels of expectations.

how did you get the name "Fizzy"?
We had all been sitting around the kitchen table, brainstorm for days. Then we had a stroke of genius, thought of the word "fizzy", and found that it matched all the things we wanted in a name to represent us and our perspective - memorable, simple, fun, and fresh.

what kind of packages do you offer?
We offer standardized packages for various levels of portrait and wedding/event coverage. We are available to help customize if you have special requests for a session. Contact us for more details.

Thanks for visiting Fizzy Photography. We hope to hear from you!


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