Tuesday, January 24, 2012

fresh radishes from the market {food} | berkeley, ca

My roommate came back from the market with the freshest radishes.  Their ruby-redness made them too stunning not to photograph (and her while I was at it).  It was also their color that kept me mis-calling these little veggies beets, but at the consistent correction of my roommate, as well as my own knowledge of me being utterly wrong, I finally got it right in the end. :)

Because of its peppery flavor that sneaks up on you and intensifies in the after-taste, the radish goes really well complimenting other greens and light flavors in salads or sandwiches, as well as providing a kick to heavier foods.  I'm probably going to steal some from her bunch for my own cooking!

Looks can be deceiving;  Despite how sunny the Bay Area looks from these photos, we've been met with much more downpour than clear, blue skies lately.  Hopefully, it should be clearing up soon!


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