Thursday, December 1, 2011

tees from

We just ordered a few shirts (one for each of the whole team, even one for the little one coming on the way!) from one of our favorite specialty-designed t-shirt e-stores called Threadless.

Yvonne's whole wardrobe basically consists of tees, so with her growing tummy she's been finding it difficult to fit into her old favorites (hence the main reason for our tees purchase today).  Threadless is a great site for you guys and gals out there out who consider tees as the quintessential staples in your wardrobe.  It's great because it's a community-driven site where designers post their own designs for online users to up-vote their favorites.  The most popular designs frequently end up being printed!  We've gotten a few in the past; although it's been a while since we've gotten any, we hope that the quality is still up to par with our past experiences.

Before you think all this has nothing to do with what we do, check out one of the shirts we just got.

images from
We just had to because we are photography nerds and fanatics.  :)  They are having an ultra sale today (50% off all tees!) so be sure to swing by their site if you have the chance/are interested.

Once we get them in the mail, we'll try to have a mini-photoshoot to show off our new threads.  ;)


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