Wednesday, December 14, 2011

jennifer: part one {beauty} | portrait photography in berkeley, ca

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and an enthusiastic model (not to mention one of the most genuine and sweetest people we know)!  She was not at all camera-shy and really knew how to play around with body language and angles without much formal experience.  She's also a bit of a fashionista and make-up enthusiast, much like our previous model Catherine.

We basically turned an apartment into a mini studio, taking advantage of an empty wall, corner and some natural lighting coming through a very small window.  You really don't need much to simulate a basic studio set-up!  Jennifer is studying abroad right now at the University of Hong Kong, one of the highest-ranking universities in Hong Kong and Asia (and having the time of her life last time we checked, at least when she's not dealing with finals...).

During the session, Jennifer actually modeled a couple of different styles.  Jennifer's everyday look generally emphasizes a fresh, flirty, and feminine look from head to toe, all the while staying sophisticated and comfortable.  This post will feature just one of the looks (another post will come in the near future about the others!).  Here are some of our favorites from look ONE, which is a darker, more night-appropriate look finished off with a fun, shimmery eye-liner and dark -shadow.  Long story short: the girl knows how to style!

Update: Check out part two of Jennifer's shoot that's now posted!

Moral of this shoot: Reading through a lot of fashion magazines really helps both the photographers and models become inspired and more creative at improvising poses. There's inspiration everywhere of course, but being able to see the results of actual photoshoots and the variety of options we have in poses is a great way to learn how to become more effective with the pre-visualizing process and coming up with poses on the spot. (And for all those very serious, model-y faces, throwing in a few fun ones isn't a bad idea either!)



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