Wednesday, December 7, 2011

brianna & justin | family portraits in lake elizabeth, fremont, ca

Today we're sharing a shoot we had earlier in November!

While the Bay Area had been dealing with bouts of heavy rain at the beginning of November, we were still able to get great shots early in the morning with a family of four in Fremont, CA (couldn't help, but notice the alliteration there :p).  Lake Elizabeth, otherwise known as Central Park (not to be confused with THE Central Park in NYC), was both pretty and pretty happening that weekend as the Asian Medical Clinic was hosting their very first annual walk-a-thon for the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much going on for the event since their set-up time coincided directly with our shoot.  What we did experience was chattering teeth and goosebumps because of the frigid morning weather (I really need to stop underestimating just how COLD 50-ish degrees can be, especially for someone like Fred who unfortunately forgot any form of coat/jacket/cover-up whatsoever. Yikes.)  Once the little ones arrived with their parents though, we got to run around a bit  and warm up.  Got our morning cardio in!

Moral of this shoot: Sometimes you really have no choice, but to make the silliest faces and comments to keep a kid's attention.  But things still get old for kids REAL fast (that's when bubbles save the day).


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