Friday, December 2, 2011

brandon & lucas | family portrait photography in crissy field + palace of fine arts, san francisco, ca

We had a great photo session over Thanksgiving weekend with two very adorable sweet boys.  We had originally planned to stay at Crissy Field for the entirety of our shoot.  However due to unfortunate weather conditions, we took a short detour to the Palace of Fine Arts for the beginning of the session.  The boys were fairly reserved at first, but opened up when we whipped out the toys and entertainment.  As you can see from the photos, we had a little assistant today with photographing! :)

We were actually a bit impressed with how patient little Brandon was with the camera and that he actually took his time looking for his subject(s) through the viewfinder.  Maybe he's a pro in the making!!  (Hey, if this 3-year old girl can have her own photography exhibit, then anything's possible!)

Here are some more photos from the first half of the shoot:

When the view had cleared a bit at Crissy Field, we made our way over for the remaining shots.  By the time we got there, Brandon had warmed up to us a bit more and realized that we were pretty nice and funny people with fun toys (Lucas was pretty much content the entire time).  He got more chatty, which was great because he got to have more fun and that helped us get great photos!

Another great thing about having this shoot in San Francisco, besides the sites and views, is the FOOD.  We got to eat at one of our favorite Thai franchises in the city called King of Thai.  This place is modestly priced and has some great casual dining Thai food. While they basically have the whole gamut of things you would want to see at a typical Thai restaurant, one of their specialties is their Fried Rice, Fried Chicken plate, served with traditional sweet chili sauce.  Definitely a steal for both the taste and price!  Thought we'd share!

Moral of this shoot: Do not underestimate the wetness of dewy grass early in the morning in foggy towns. That, or always bring a change of socks/shoes/pants/etc. for those early morning shoots.


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