Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our 2011 Holiday Promotion

Hello y'all.

We wanted to inform you about our 2011 Holiday Promotion that starts NOW!

From now until December 31st, we're offering 15% off your entire order on our website!
If you are a previous client of ours, what that means is that all of your galleries are now open for a limited time only for you to order more prints of those special moments from your wedding or of your cutie-patootie kids directly from our website.  All you need is the link to your private gallery that Fizzy Photography provided you previously.

Our 15% promotion also applies to new clients!  As long as you book your session before December 25th, Christmas Day, you will also be able to apply the discount to your entire order of prints and other products.

Our printing labs are highly professional and the quality of the prints are amazing! So take advantage! This would be a great way to also take advantage of having all your friends and family over and gathered during the holidays for a fun photoshoot (and a great way to send off sweet photos as cards or gifts before the New Year)!

Contact us by leaving a message on the "Contact Us" tab in our blog or through our website if interested. Hope you guys have a good Wednesday!

Monday, November 28, 2011

hello & welcome! + jacob & jeisa | family portrait in japanese tea garden, san francisco, ca

Hello all!

Welcome to our new blog! Hopefully this one will be more alive, kickin', and regularly updated with photo previews, stories, promotions, and more. We're revamping some things at Fizzy to keep things more contemporary, consistent, and just plain nice looking.

To start off our official FIRST post in our new blog (woo!), we first want to say Happy Belated-Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a stuffing and fun holiday. We had a really scrumptious Asian/American/hodgepodge-of-goodness-styled dinner, complete with blackberry-apple pie, good-ole traditional mashed potatoes, pan-fried stuffed tofu and bell peppers, and thit heo quay + banh hoi...and then some. Mmmm, definitely thankful for leftovers! ;) There was also crazy news about terrible events that happened on Black Friday, so hopefully all of you were successful getting what you wanted, but safely! (Those actually seem mutually-exclusive the more I think about it...)

As we hope will be an ongoing theme in our blog, we have a recent shoot to share for this first post! We had a wonderful autumn photoshoot right before Thanksgiving at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. The garden is absolutely lovely. There were magnificent pagodas and bridges (even a gorgeous drum bridge) set against a backdrop of really lush and colorful trees. Definitely a nature enthusiast's haven and the pure image of relaxation. That landscape with the sound of crunching leaves, the feeling of a soft breeze, inhaling fresh, crisp air... just simply ahhh.

Jacob & Jeisa themselves were incredibly affectionate kids, especially with each other and their parents. They were initially fixated on their Cherrios (we don't blame them; snacking is after all one of our hobbies), but they were pretty happy and enthusiastic after their tummies were satisfied.

We're going to start a "moral of the shoot" trend in which we will detail some important/interesting/funny/random fact or realization that we came to understand by the end of the shoots in our posts! Hopefully it will not only let you learn something about our session from the day, but also learn something about our subjects, photographing, and just stuff in general. (  Disclaimer, these are not going to be necessarily deep statements (:  ) So here it goes...

Moral of the shoot: Kids never tire from running around in circles and are pretty much ecstatic the whole time they're doing it.

That's all for this celebratory first post! Thanks for reading; stick around and don't be a stranger. :)

Fizzy Photography

P.S.  We promise that future posts will not be so freaking long.